What do you need?

For your Visa appointment as well as for enrollment at our University you require proof of legit insurance in Germany.

When do you need it?

Before starting your studies - we recommend to take care of it while you're still in your home country.


Where do I get the necessary documents / What kind of insurance suits me best?

Finding the perfect type of Insurance for you depends on a lot of things such as age, what type of study program you're attending and so on.. 



You're below 30 years of age when starting your studies?

In this case you can register for discounted public health insurance. By law public health Insurance is mandatory. Only in certain cases you can apply for an exemption of public health Insurance. 


When starting your studies you're older than 30 years?

In this case you can choose between public and private health Insurance. Nevertheless you're not able to apply for a discounted public health Insurance, so you're going to end up paying much higher monthly contributions. 


Type of studies / preparation course (pathway, path to Bachelor, pre-studies, preparation courses)

You're starting your studies in Germany by attending a preparation/language course?

Public health insurance unfortunately is impossible while you're still in your preparation program. Nevertheless as soon as you finish these preparation courses / pathway programs and you Start with your regular bachelor public health insurance is mandatory. That's why we recommend to already apply for it so you took care of all the necessary paperwork beforehand.


Duration of studies

You're in Germany for a maximum of 1-2 semesters?

If you're attending a short-term exchange program you're probably going to apply for private insurance because of the shortage of your stay. Nevertheless you're still free to apply for public insurance if you wish to. 



Public health insurance

Contribution / insurance premium

In public health Insurance you're paying a fixed amount of money. The amount you're going to pay monthly is 73,47€ in health insurance and 19,79€ in in included long term care insurance (in case any major health related issues occur). In total you can get full Insurance coverage for a monthly payment of 93,26€ which is mostly going to be debited from your bank account. Students who are older than 23 and don't have children pay a slightly higher contribution in long term care insuranceIn these cases monthly payment will be 94,89€. The amount of the contribution usually does not change in contrast to private insurance. That's because you don't pay a personal risk-related contribution but a fixed discounted amount for students.

In summary you're going to be fully covered in health and long term care Insurance for a reasonable price. 


Please note: It is extremely important to take care of you paying your contributions to the Insurance provider on time. If you would for example stop paying monthly the Insurance provider has to inform your University regarding this issue. This would result in you being exmatriculated. Being exmatriculated would end up in you losing your visa.


We want to make sure your stay in Germany is full of new, beautiful impressions so we offer to find individual solutions in case your budget ever gets out of control.   

Detailled information on what is covered

outpatient treatment

inpatient treatment

dental treatment


pharmaceutical products

therapeutic treatment


assistive devices

Pregnancy and birth



yes, unlimited

yes, unlimited - copayment 10€ / day for food&stay

yes, unlimited - possible copayments for special dental prosthesis

yes, unlimited - copayment 10% of cost, min.5€, max. 10€

yes, unlimited - copayment 10€/prescription + 10% of cost, minimum 5€, maximum 10€

yes, unlimited - copayment 10% of cost, min. 5€, max. 10€

yes, unlimited

yes, unlimited



non governmentally approved treatment methods, other than that all necessary types of treatment ( preventive curative and rehabilitative) are fully covered


Pre-existing diseases are not excluded so there is no need to worry when taking care of it.

How do I use my insurance?

There is no need for paying after a doctors visit like it is with private insurance. You're paying your monthly fees and therefore you're being provided with a health insurance card. 


When visiting a doctor they're going to ask for your health insurance card so they can scan it. Payment of treatment is regulated between your doctor and your insurance provider. That's how it works for inpatient, outpatient and dental treatment. 

Term of contract

In public health Insurance you don't have to worry about signing a contract with a limited duration. You're going to be covered for as long as you need it. If you would leave germany after getting your degree simply inform us and the contract will end automatically.

Please note: As long as you're officially enrolled as a student your contract will keep running. 

Additional information

Public health insurance is very common in Germany. Around 80% of students and 90% of all people are insured via public Insurance.

In addition to health insurance there is also long term care Insurance included in the contracts. So in case any major issues occur it could be possible that long term care Insurance will help you out by paying for a nurse who is supporting you with eating, washing, dressing and so on. In some cases you can apply for help from long term care insurance after a certain period of time. Applying for either health or long term care insurance is impossible since both are mandatory by law. 


Please note: In public Insurance you're usually not provided with a Policy-type of Dokument. No need to worry - that's because most of what is covered is regulated by law so you don't need to watch out for exclusions like with private insurance. 

That was a lot of information. Who's helping me out now?


Name: Alexander Gießbach ("Alex")


Mobile: +49 16090456779




Language: German, english

Private health insurance abroad,                                       Tariff mawista Student Classic


What is included?

outpatient treatment

inpatient treatment

dental treatment



therapeutic treatment

assistive devices

Pregnancy and birth



yes, general care class and multi-bed rooms only

yes, only pain-relieving dental treatment and repair of dentures 100 % , up to 500 EURO per insurance year


yes, maximum of  8 treatments per insurance year

only accident-related, maximum of 250€

waiting time of 8 months



Medical treatment and other medically prescribed measures which are an occasion for the stay in the agreed area of application; 

Medical treatment and other medically prescribed measures, the necessity of which was known to the insured person prior to the stay in the agreed area of application or at the time of conclusion of the insurance policy, or which he had to expect under the circumstances known to him; 

any kind of preventive medical check-ups or control examinations or vaccinations as well as nutritional and tonic substances; 

Orthodontic treatment, dental treatment that goes beyond pain-relieving treatments, repairs of dentures and temporary appliances. Dentures, inlays (Student Classic ® tariff only); 

Abortion, pregnancy that existed before the beginning, otherwise 8 months waiting time; 

Treatment of alcohol, drug and other addictions; 

the treatment of mental or emotional disorders as well as hypnosis and psychotherapy; 

Fees and charges in excess of those considered to be customary and reasonable in the country in question and for optional services such as a single room or treatment by a chief physician.

How do I use the insurance?

If you visit a doctor or hospital without an overnight stay (outpatient treatment), you will receive an invoice from your doctor or hospital. You must transfer the money to the treating doctor or hospital. A cash payment is only required in rare cases. We need the following documents from you so that you can be reimbursed by the insurance company:

Your name

Your insurance number

Treatment data from doctor (incl. diagnosis)

medical services + statement of costs

If necessary, prescriptions prescribed by a doctor (with medication, price and stamp of the pharmacy)

You must submit the receipts using our online form, by e-mail or by post.

The processing time is usually 2 weeks.


The contract can be concluded for a maximum of 48 months. If you no longer need the insurance, you must cancel it at the end of the month.

Additional information

long term care insurance is not included.


 Important: You will receive an insurance policy. If you visit a doctor, you should have this with you. This is because the billable benefits are included for the doctor. Otherwise it can happen that the doctor provides services that are not insured.

Who can help you out?


Name: Hans Walter Schäfer


Telephone: +49 (0) 228 33 88 77 0




Language: German