International health insurance student (private health insurance)


Monthly Rates      
Classic plus
0 till 4 years 59 € 66 € 117 €
5 till 17 years 35 € 47 € 83 €
18 to 29 years 25 € 34 € 60 €
30 to 39 years 38 € 50 € 89 €
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General restrictions on the obligation to perform!

What restrictions on insurance cover must be observed*?

Medical treatment and other medically prescribed measures which are a reason for the stay in the agreed area of application; 

Medical treatment and other medically prescribed measures, the necessity of which was known to the insured person before the stay in the agreed area of application or at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract, or which he had to expect under the circumstances known to him; 

any kind of preventive medical check-ups or control examinations or vaccinations as well as nutritional and tonic substances; 

Orthodontic treatment, dental treatment that goes beyond pain-relieving treatments, repairs of dentures and temporary appliances. Dentures, inlays (Student Classic ® tariff only); 

Abortion, pregnancy that existed before the beginning, otherwise 8 months waiting time; 

Treatment of alcohol, drug and other addictions; 

the treatment of mental or emotional disorders as well as hypnosis and psychotherapy; 

Fees and charges in excess of those considered to be customary and reasonable in the country in question and for optional services such as a single room or treatment by a chief physician; 

No benefits for damages caused by war or warlike events. However, insurance cover is provided if the damage occurs in the first 7 days after the start of the events, insofar as these were not foreseeable (see General Provisions § 5, (VB AB 11 MS for short)).



Legal information for the consumer

The Insurer: AWP P&C S.A.

Allianz Worldwide Partners 

Subsidiary for Germany 

Bahnhofstr. 16

D-85609 Arschheim (near Munich)

Phone +49.89.6 24 24 - 0

Fax +49.89.6 24 24 - 222 



*The General Insurance Conditions of the AWP, Munich, are legally binding. You can view and download the insurance conditions as a PDF file. 


Name: Hans Walter Schäfer


Telephone: +49 (0) 228 33 88 77 0




Language: German



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