Preparation courses / language course

What types of preparation courses are we talking about?

Preparation courses serve to teach you the basic academic knowledge for your studies. These courses are called for example "pathway", "Path to Bachelor/Master", "Pre-Bachelor/Master", "Preparation-course", etc.

Preparation courses / language course
Preparation courses / language course



What do you need?


For your Visa appointment as well as for enrollment at your University you require proof of legit insurance in Germany.

When do you need it?

Before starting your studies - we recommend to take care of it while you're still in your home country.


Where do I get the necessary documents / What kind of insurance suits me best?

For language students / students in preparatory courses it is usual to choose private health insurance for the duration of the program. We recommend that you clarify your follow-up insurance before beginning your regular studies. 

Private health insurance abroad,                                       Tariff mawista Student


Monthly Contribution Student
Classic plus
0 till 4 years 49 € 66 € 117 €
5 till 17 years 35 € 47 € 83 €
18 to 29 years 25 € 34 € 60 €
30 to 39 years 38 € 50 € 89 €

How do I use the insurance?

If you visit a doctor or hospital without an overnight stay (outpatient treatment), you will receive an invoice from your doctor or hospital. You must transfer the money to the treating doctor or hospital. A cash payment is only required in rare cases. We need the following documents from you so that you can be reimbursed by the insurance company:

Your name

Your insurance number

Treatment data from doctor (incl. diagnosis)

medical services + statement of costs

If necessary, prescriptions prescribed by a doctor (with medication, price and stamp of the pharmacy)

You must submit the receipts using our online form, by e-mail or by post.

The processing time is usually 2 weeks.


The contract can be concluded for a maximum of 60 months. If you no longer need the insurance, you must cancel it at the end of the month.

Additional information

long term care insurance is not included.


 Important: You will receive an insurance policy. If you visit a doctor, you should have this with you. This is because the billable benefits are included for the doctor. Otherwise it can happen that the doctor provides services that are not insured.

Is there anything else I have to do?

In addition to the proof of health insurance, you need to have a confirmation of opening a blocked account for your Visa-appointment. You can open your blocked account online on our website. See more.

Why do I need this?

In order to show that you're going to be able to pay for your expenses in Germany, it is mandatory to provide proof of opening a blocked account for your visa-interview. You can apply for it above. 

This blocked account is officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office and is offering you an automated, fast and secure way to take care of your finances. They even offer an App for a better overview. 

Who can help you out?


Name: Hans Walter Schäfer


Telephone: +49 (0) 228 33 88 77 0


E-Mail: team@expertensicher.de


Language: German



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