Getting your visa - Paperwork at it's finest.


Most important things to know

  • For your Visa appointment you'll need
  1. Letter of acceptance from your future university
  2. Proof of you being able to pay your stay in Germany (blocked account)
  3. Proof of (travel-)health insurance
  • Future students from certain countries are able to apply for their student visa after getting to germany. Please check it at your local german embassy. Eitherway we recommend to take care of it beforehand so there are no surprises when arriving in Germany.

When submitting your (travel-) health insurance there are a few things to make sure


The validity of your insurance has to correspond to or exceed the duration of your trip to germany.


This means that you'll have to make sure your insurance is valid until the official date of enrollment at your university. Starting with your insurance you're going to have to switch to a student insurance with a local provider. Depending on your status you can find further information here.


Minimum insurance coverage has to be 30.000,00€ per person. All expenses regarding urgent medical treatment, emergency hospital treatment as well as repatriation to your home country have to be covered. Depending on the type of visa you're applying for there are some more requirements. We recommend to check with your local embassy - you're very likely to find further information on their website.


Time saves money! Depending on the provider you're choosing it can take up to multiple weeks to finally get your needed documents. In case the provided insurance does not fulfill the requirements you're going to head for the whole process from the beginning again.

We offer to make sure you get the right insurance coverage you need. You're going to get the needed documents most likely within 24 hours.

Need help? Just give me a call or send me an email

Hans Walter Schäfer


Name: Hans Walter Schäfer


Telephone: +49 (0) 228 33 88 77 0


E-Mail: team@expertensicher.de


Language: German

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